Day 24, Stanford, Palo Alto, Marina, April 27th

114.1 miles today, 4,529.2 miles total

We left Pacifica and headed to Palo Alto to meet a friend of Will’s, Ambrose Gano. We drove into town and had lunch at NOLA, a New Orleans restaurant and then headed over to Stanford University where Ambrose is an MBA student. He gave us a campus tour including the Philip Knight Management Center. We then began our trek down US Hwy 1 via Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to Marina Dunes RV Park. We hiked over the dunes to touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time! After a delicious dinner using pasta from Little Italy in SF, we retired for the evening. m, b, w & t

“There comes a time in every life when the past recedes and the future opens. It is that moment when you turn to face the unknown. Some will turn back to what they already know. Some will walk straight ahead into uncertainty. I can’t tell you which one is right. But I can tell you which one is more fun.” –Philip H. Knight (Nike Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board: Stanford MBA Class of 1962)

“About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends.” –Herbert Hoover(31st President of the US; Pioneer Stanford Class of 1891)

“I like to get out in the woods and live close to nature. Every man does. It is in his blood. It is his feeble protest against civilization.’’  – -Thomas Edison at Muddy Creek Falls, 1921


President Herbert Hoover, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone at Edison’s 82nd birthday. Ft. Myers, Florida, February 11, 1929. Hoover was in the first class at Stanford University.

edisoncowboyford-tae 81864

Edison, Ford & Firestone shared camping together about two weeks each summer from 1915 through 1924. On these camping trips, these wealthy captains of industry called themselves “vagabonds” as they roughed it together in the great outdoors away from civilization. The publicity that followed these celebrated men on their summer adventures helped to introduce to the general public the pleasure of motorized recreational touring, outdoor recreation and camping. Historians have noted that these camping trips were “the first notable linking of the automobile and outdoor recreation.” The loud sounds of the motor caravan breaking the quiet of the rural countryside would have certainly drawn the attention of anyone within hearing distance.

2 thoughts on “Day 24, Stanford, Palo Alto, Marina, April 27th

  1. Allen and Kim Smith

    Hey Mark and Beth (Will too). Looks like ya’ll are having a great time. What a great blessing to be able to do this and make such great memories. Look forward to hearing about all of it

  2. Kathy Miller

    Enjoying your blog and It was great to see you and Beth! Looking forward to more picures!

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