Day 33, Dermasensa LA Day, “Dolly,” San Onofre Beach/Camp Pendelton, May 6th

97 RV miles today, 5025.1 total

Beth caught the red-eye flight back to Fayetteville last night. She will be up to Chapel Hill to move Shelby out of her dorm having completed her freshman year! I drove up to Chatsworth, CA to visit Steven @ West Coast Cosmetics. I toured his facilities and got to meet his family. It was a nice visit & hopefully we will establish a lasting relationshipy with them. After turning in our Hertz Rental Car at LAX, we drove to Gardena to visit Philippe @ O.T.S. Astrocon. He will be air & boat freight shipping our Dermasensa US products to China from LA & Miami. Will & I had a nice Mexican lunch at the traveling van & then headed down to San Onofree near San Clemente. It is a gorgeous RV campground inside the Marine base of Camp Pendleton. We walked the beach down to the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, nicknamed “Dolly Parton By The Sea” for the two large domed, bosom-like structures that you can see in the background of our picture. We had roasted chicken for dinner and then retired. m, w & t

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy (American novelist/author)

The nuclear plant’s two large containment structures are briefly shown in the 1988 movie “The Naked Gun” when detective Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) talks about how everything reminds him of his ex-wife’s bosoms (quote: “Everywhere I look something reminds me of her”). –“The Naked Gun”



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