Day 6 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief Kathmandu

We held a medical clinic at a children’s school in the village of Goldhunga south of Kathmandu today. Emotional day for me as I treated a father whose daughter and grandchild were killed in the 1st Earthquake. He and his son were also trapped in the rubble. I treated the son too who had facial fractures/lacerations and became blind in one eye. My feelings could not be held back as I treated them medically, then embraced and prayed for them both during this devastating time. I cannot imagine the anguish they are experiencing. So sad…
We continue to experience frequent 4+ aftershocks while although gripping, they are nothing compared to the 7.4 magnitude the other day. The attached picture is of a private hospital in Kathmandu that collapsed from this most recent major quake two days ago where doctors, nurses & patients were affected. Lots of lives were lost in the city and also surrounding countryside where we were that day. We wear masks when traveling as the pollution here is one of the highest in the world! Still humbled by your continued support of us all over here. On the ground in Nepal, mark

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