Day 7 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief Kathmandu

Attended the United Nations Health Cluster this AM of all the multinational disaster relief groups…inspiring. Got to spend time with Shankar Man Rai, a world famous reconstructive plastic surgeon and native of Nepal, who has devoted much of his life to providing free plastic surgeries to children with birth defects, cleft lips and palates, and burn injuries in areas of the world where these disabilities and deformities can be devastating. He’s done over 13,000 cleft lips and cleft palates. He received the Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award from the Dalai Lama in 2009. I will have the honor of working with him in the coming days. Ran into the Indiana team again with their group leader Prakash Karki MD.
Saw more earthquake destruction throughout as well as continue to feel multiple daily 4+ aftershock tremors. Experienced the sacred river cremations occurring 24/7 which is quite normal in Nepal, only not as frequent as post quakes. Each body is put on top of a platform of wood and dried grass and wood placed all around it and then, the body is set aflame until it becomes a small pile of ash. This is then swept off the platform and into the sacred river. Notice all the monkeys, seemingly oblivious to what has just taken place, chattering in the background and in the river. Continue to experience the love of the people of Nepal, despite their tragedies.
On the sacred ground in Nepal, mark

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