Day 8 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief, Kathmandu

Another incredible day for us here bringing in 20 tons in 4 trucks of 83 tons of supplies from 16 trucks arriving from India in the next few days. We unloaded tarps, blankets, rice, salt & sugar. Four more trucks arriving in the morning. I’m a little sore from unloading, but it was worth every drop of sweat. I will also start operating at the Kirtipur Hospital, Nepal’s Cleft & Burn Center. Posting pictures yesterday of the wards, so lot’s of trauma patients to treat with flaps & grafts.

The Earthquake today was a 6.4,  a house collapsed with a trapped woman with leg fracture treated by one of our Israeli doctors. The earth was shaking!!! Glad to get out of the building. I’m on the 4th floor so ran down the steps only wearing shorts…no shirt or shoes. All the locals running out of the buiildings screaming! Some cracks beginning to show in the foundation! We may have to start sleeping outside! I am now debating of sleeping outside tonight, possibly in a van to increase my safety margin. Most of the Nepalese are sleeping outside in tarps, tents, etc in fields, along the roads, on sidewalks, etc. The fear factor was increased with the 6.4 earthquake today and predictions are now 1.13% of a 6.5+ earthquake in the next 48 hours. On the continued shaky ground sleeping in a van away from large buildings in Nepal, mark

Unloading truckUnloading blanketsRolling blanket sacksimage-2image

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