Day 9 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief Kathmandu

Today I saw the Nepalese victims of the Earthquake like never before. I am choosing not to show you photos of the patients we treated in graphic detail due to their horrendous conditions, but rather a few general pictures of the work of these brave, dedicated and skillful surgeons. Several patients were burned beyond recognition or burned on most of their bodies yet still survived requiring extensive skin grafting and flaps. Other wounds were secondary to bone fractures now requiring multiple types of closures including free flaps (moving tissue from one part to the body completely to another connecting blood vessels under the microscope). It was an intense day so a nice respite when I came back to base camp to see Donna Decker had arrived safely.
I assisted in unloading 20 tons of supplies yesterday and we are expecting the other 60+ tons of blankets, tarps, rice, sugar & salt from India tomorrow for CBN International to distribute through Compassionate Hands For Nepal throughout Nepal. Tomorrow I will continue to work at the Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Hospital. On the ground with the surviving Nepalese, mark

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