Day 10 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief, Kathmandu

I am honored, humbled and priviledged to be able to work these last few days with the dedicated Nepalese doctors and surgeons changing so many lives each day at the Kirtipur Burn Center. Heartbreakingly, I assisted in a 40% total body 3rd degree burn debridement and dressing change on a 17 year old girl among the many of which I was involved. Again, I am choosing not to show you graphic photos of the patients we treated today due to their horrendous conditions, but rather a few general pictures. Amidst  all the reconstructive surgeries, one OR room was used to squeeze in a C-section to allow  a baby Nepalese to be born today! I captured the event on video with my iPhone! Joy in the midst of tragedy!

While coming back from the hospital, I was on the scene of an unfortunate motorcycle accident in progress. I treated the patient with antibiotic ointment and bandage wraps & bandages for multiple abrasions and fortunately no broken bones. It was a little strange to see the crowded scene we created while treating the patient on the sidewalk.

We received 9 more trucks today in what now is 110 tons of blankets, tarps, rice, sugar & salt from India today for CBN International to distribute through Compassionate Hands For Nepal throughout Nepal. Tomorrow I will continue to work at the Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Hospital my last day in Nepal before departing for the long journey back home.

This is my last night in this country that has become a special place in my heart. I mourn for the people here who have endured not only difficult living conditions to begin with, but then have had unspeakable tragedy of multiple earthquake disasters thrust upon them. Many, if not most, are frightened, hungry, shelterless and disheartened. I pray for them and for greater mankind to always reach out to those less fortunate than us with mercy and compassion. While I have tried to represent  the hands & feet of Christ, we should all consider “To whom much is given, much is expected.”
Still on the ground in Nepal another day,  mark

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