Day 11 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief

My last day in Nepal was Tuesday, May 19th. The day began helping to load tons of supplies to be sent out into the villages of Nepal. Also heading out on this initial 7 hour drive outreach to Ramechhap is Donna Decker, whom I had just welcomed onto our team.
I then spent my last day at Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Hospital helping manage patients and saying goodbyes until I return again. They gave me a ride back to base camp in their ambulance revealing typical sites including the many outside tent camps, the frequent sacred cattle free ranging in the streets & a view of their electrical wiring along the roads. Then off to the airport for the long journey home with the support of each one of you guiding the way. On the ground my last day in Nepal, mark

Tons of suppliesT markt mark & donna IMG_6235IMG_6243IMG_6154IMG_6150IMG_6256IMG_6271

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