Day 12 Nepal to USA

Blessings and thanks to each and everyone of you that uplifted my team and me during my stay in Nepal and on my ~ one third million marathons journey home. And a special thanks to CBN International out of Virginia Beach, VA & Compassionate Hands For Nepal, who gave me this opportunity to be the hands & feet of you all that supported me with your encouraging thoughts & prayers. I also want to thank my friend & colleague, Dick Furman, MD of Samaritan’s Purse, for being there with me on the ground in Nepal and his spiritual guidance.
I arrived back home late Wednesday, May 20th, to my supportive wife! I hope you got a sense of the magnitude of the continuing sad saga being played out in Nepal and will continue to remember them in your thoughts & prayers. Beth & I plan to return in the long process of rehabilitation, re-building and rejuvenation of Nepal. Blessings to you all. Carpe diem! On the ground in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, USA, mark

cbnt mark close upIMG_6288IMG_6301IMG_6303 - Version 3

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