Day 5 Nepal Disaster Medical Relief Kathmandu

Things over here have escalated now with new search teams out for current survivors of latest major earthquake 7.4 magnitude. I am OK and our entire team of 46 is OK!!!! Just arrived back in Kathmandu from remote village of Thandidanda towards Mt. Everest where 28 of us had traveled. It is strange to see people have moved into the streets & courtyards in Kathmandu setting up tents not to go back into houses or buildings. We experienced the 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Dhulikhel where several buildings nearby me collapsed & with partial mountain avalanches. Lots of people died. We heard a hospital in Kathmandu collapsed. I got on open ground & could barely stand as the whole earth shook violently for about a minute and a half. Quite scary!!! We had a 6.3 aftershock ~ 20 minutes later and another 6.3 magnitude at 3 AM this morning as we were sleeping out under a tarp in this small village, Thandidanda, where ~ 50 people of 32 families live. It is near Kolanti near Bhumlu way up on the mountain top barely accessable.
We did run a medical clinic there this morning where we saw over 300 patients who had not been seen by any disaster teams since the earthquake 2 weeks ago! They were overjoyed to see us! Continued thanks for thoughts & prayers for protection to all over here. On shaky ground in Nepal, markToday, our CBN Humanitarian & Disaster Relief Team did run a medical clinic up in the high hills of the village of Thandidanda where we saw over 300 patients who had not been seen by any disaster teams since the earthquake 2 weeks ago! This time I was honored to work beside 2 Israeli doctors and 1 from Indonesia along with nurses/techs from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India & Nepal. Notice that I am one of only a few Americans representing our entire group (of over 40) & am wearing a North Carolina baseball cap representing not only the USA but our great state of North Carolina!?! Also notice my Tarheel lapel worn on my vest in one of the closeup pictures! And thanks, Chick Jacobs, for the nice article in the Fayetteville Observer, as I represent you all in Fayetteville/Cumberland County, too! Victor Emmanuel , who is on our team, is also posting great photos on Facebook. Also attached pictures of our sleeping tarp/tent converted to a medical clinic including the Israeli contingent, my desk with a bed beside where I performed minor surgery, myself with a woman who had just lost her home in yesterday’s 7.4 earthquake but she survived!, the food distribution program, the unbelievable mountains of Nepal, and jumping for joy to avoid the next aftershock!?!?

Continued thanks for thoughts & prayers for protection & mercy to all over here. Still on shaky ground in Nepal (but as some of you commented, “with a firm foundation”), mark

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